Nothing says more about Tony's Auto Service Center than the praise of our customers!


I am stunned that mine is the first review of Tony's Auto Service Center. This is a family-owned business that has served residents in the Arcadia area for decades. They are fabulous. They are competent, honest, and friendly. Their prices are quite fair. I trust them totally. I have always had great experiences there. I am not a car lover. I want my car to run. That is all. Anyone can tell that is easy to take advantage of me,, but Tony's never does. A recent experience showed me how truly terrific they are: The other day, I brought one (very old) car to them that needed a brake job and I told them I thought something else was wrong as well. They did a diagnostic and found multiple problems. I decided it was time to give up the ghost and replace the car in lieu of making the repairs...this was fine with them. My other car had a very minor problem in that it was easily fixed...but it was crucial to me so that I could be comfortable driving. They fixed it in less than a charge. I wish all businesses could run like Tony's.

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