Phoenix Auto Brake System Repair

We are a NAPA Auto Care Center.

Tony’s Auto Service Center and our ASE certified technicians know how important it is to have properly functioning and reliable automotive brakes. Brake change or brake repair should be performed regularly, as malfunctioning brakes put drivers and passengers at risk. Our technicians will treat you to the most reliable Phoenix brake repair and brake change.

Do you suspect your vehicle may be experiencing brake failure, or are you experiencing decreased brake performance?

If you are experiencing any of the issues below, which indicate brake failure may be an issue, call Tony’s Auto to make an appointment for a brake inspection:

  • your brake pedals are low, and you have to push the brake down farther in order to stop
  • you hear a grinding or squealing noise while braking or driving
  • your vehicle pulls to either direction when you stop
  • your brake pedal becomes extremely difficult to push

One of the following components may be contributing to this brake failure:

  • master cylinder
  • power brake booster
  • binding disc brake calipers
  • worn brake hydraulic hoses
  • leaking wheel cylinders
  • worn out brake pads or brake shoes
  • brake fluid contamination, which may be due to moisture build-up or copper contamination

Is your anti-lock brake lamp glaring at you brightly from your dash, but you can’t figure out why?

Start looking for the following symptoms:

  • an abnormal or chattering noise while stopping,
  • a buzzing feeling in your brake pedal,
  • tires locking up when you hard-brake (skidding)

If you experience any of the above symptoms (or your lamp is lit, but you’re not experiencing any symptoms), it could be a sign that one of the following of your anti-lock brake components has failed:

  • Anti-lock module (computer)
  • wheel speed sensors
  • brake light switch
  • low brake fluid

Warning: Oftentimes when a vehicle’s anti-lock brake lamp is illuminated, it indicates that the anti-lock brake system has been disabled. Make an appointment with Tony’s Auto immediately so we can perform a malfunction diagnosis and make the necessary repairs to get your vehicle safely back on the road.

Do you experience a pulsation in your brake pedal when you press it?

  • your brake rotors may be warped due to overheating
  • your brake rotors or brake drums may be at their minimum safe thickness

In order to recognize the cause of this problem and determine needed repairs, one of our ASE certified technicians will perform visual and thickness variation tests.

How often should your vehicle have a routine brake inspection?

A routine brake inspection should be performed every 6,000 miles, or when a tire rotation is performed. This precaution can keep potential problems at bay by revealing if your vehicle has:

  • worn brake pads or brake shoes
  • components that are leaking, such as brake master cylinder, brake proportioning valve, brake hoses, brake calipers, brake wheel cylinders, metal brake lines, ABS control valves, or load sensing proportioning valve (usually on lighter pickup trucks)

During a brake service, we:

  • replace brake pads/shoes, as well as all necessary hardware
  • resurface your vehicle’s rotors and drums, which provides a smooth, flat surface for proper brake function
  • lubricate all moving parts being serviced
  • clean and repack wheel bearings (if necessary)
  • replace wheel bearing seals (if necessary)
  • test for brake fluid contamination and perform brake fluid flush (if necessary)
  • top off your brake fluids

Have you yet to encounter an emergency situation in which you’ve needed to use your emergency brake? Are you wondering what other possible function it may serve?

Your emergency brake (also known as a parking brake) serves two functions:

  • helps slow down your vehicle in a situation where your normal service brakes fail
  • When the transmission is in park, it keeps stress off the [manual] transmission; keeps stress off the internal components of the [automatic] transmission.

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