Phoenix Diagnostic Testing Explanation

We are a NAPA Auto Care Center.

Many of the problems we face with today’s high-tech vehicles are of an intermittent nature. That is, even though you are experiencing problems with your vehicle, the problems may not reveal themselves during the course of our diagnostic testing process. An intermittent problem will be difficult to diagnose even with approved test procedures, advanced training, state-of-the-art equipment, up-to-date factory information, and tele-diagnostic services.

Examples of intermittent driveability problems

  • Temperature related starting issue
  • Wet weather or high humidity rough running, surging stalling
  • Intermittent no start due to corrosion build up

Our policy when approaching vehicles with intermittent and driveability problems is to select a series of testing procedures most likely to reveal the source of your concerns, based on the information you provide, technical information available, and our experience. If the first series of tests do not yield a solution, another level of diagnostic testing procedures will be required.

Today’s complex vehicles have layers of technology and often times we find that identifying the cause of a problem and repairing it may make symptoms disappear or lessen initially, only to return or to clear the way to identify previously hidden symptoms. Sometimes several layers of repair may be required to get all of the systems synchronized and operating properly.

This process may involve multiple appointments or may necessitate keeping your vehicle in our shop for an extended period of time. We will always contact you before we schedule an additional series of tests or move to another layer of repair to make sure you are committed to pursuing a solution. As the owner of the vehicle, you also own its problems. At times you will have to decide if you want us to continue pursuing the source of the problem, as all of the diagnostic testing and repair costs are your responsibility.

As you can imagine, this process can get expensive, as it requires the skills of top level technicians, complicated and sophisticated test equipment, and other valuable resources. We often have to access connectors or electrical components in hard-to-get-to places such as under the dash or behind covers or panels.

Since you end up paying the invoice, it will be to your advantage to provide us with as much information as possible about the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. As we proceed with our diagnostic testing procedures we will need to be able to contact you without delay when we have a question or need approval.

Only happens when:

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • its out in sun
  • After driving for 10 minutes then sitting for a period of time
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • After driving long periods of time
  • Wet weather

We are proud of our established reputation and ability to solve some of the most challenging and complex problems with today’s vehicles. Our success and customer satisfaction ratings are well above industry averages. Our entire technical team is committed to properly diagnosing and repairing your vehicles in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Thanks you for trusting us with your automotive problems. We hope to have you safely back on the road quickly!

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